If there be no glamour
In studying grammar,

Still eight tiny lessons
No burden of sessions.

For certain five days is
Enough for five phrases.

Three more always was, is,
And will be for clauses.


Here is a manageable grammar/composition text and companion compact disc by a teacher with 40 years' experience in the secondary classroom. The textbook, sold round the world for 30 years, is now issued in its 5th edition with a new CD that motivates students to learn basic English grammar on their own.

Unique features:

Concision: Lessons average two pages in length.

The English Verb: Through modern, transformational grammar theory, the English verb is here completely described in three pages. By learning three helping verbs and five modal pairs, students can at last make sense of the English verb, now reduced to two tenses, present and past.

The English Sentence: The composition lessons, designed to utilize the mastered grammar, emphasize rhetorical strategies for the English sentence, where other texts begin with the paragraph.

The Grammar Game Compact Disc: This CD features 22 Grammar Games keyed to the lessons in the textbook. Each mouse click rewards users with a right-wrong bell or buzzer and a "Running Score" as they make choices about the structure of target sentences, building graphic diagrams of each as they go. The beginning games are easy, but those who can score 90% or better on any of the final six games have surely mastered basic English grammar. Students love two things, computers and games. Assigned correctly, The Slade System will relieve teachers of much tedious class instruction. Nor need they ever write another exam; the CD serves that function as well.

Compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Macintosh OS X.