The Slade Grammar System

The games you see here are on the CD-ROM that accompanies "The Slade Short Course: 15 lessons in Grammar and Composition" (text book). Together they comprise the The Slade Grammar System published in 2005 by an English teacher with 40 years experience in the secondary English classroom. The games are keyed to the short lessons in the text and start with simple sentence patterns. The author believes a score of 90% on any of the final 8 games represents a solid grasp of basic English grammar, what every student entering college needs.

If you would like to receive a free examination copy of the text book, e-mail or call:

Slade Schuster

The price for the System (text and CD) is $19.95, but the author would like to keep that the total price to each student. He will try to work with your school bookstore’s margin to price the System accordingly. There are further discounts for larger orders.

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The Slade Grammar System
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